Outreach and DEI

Outreach Talks and other DEI Initiatives

Outreach is one of our best tools to bridge the gap between the scientific community and the public, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of the wonders of the Universe. As a woman in Physics, my commitment extends beyond making astronomy accessible to all ages; I am also dedicated to breaking down gender stereotypes and promoting diversity in science. Here you can find some of the initiatives to which I have contributed:

CUWiP: The Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics is organized by the American Physical Society (APS), and it's a collection of three-day regional conferences for undergraduate physics majors. The aim of APS CUWiP is to support undergraduate women in their journey through physics. We do this by giving them the chance to attend a professional conference, learn about graduate school and various careers in physics, and connect with women in physics of all ages. It's all about sharing experiences, advice, and ideas to help them thrive in the field. In 2024, Clemson University is one of the hosting sites! Check out our website

Skype a Scientist: Connecting scientists with classrooms (and more) across the globe! Skype a Scientist is a great initiative, that helps teachers and anyone else interested, get in direct touch with a scientist of any kind. It helps break down barriers, increase representation, and inspire underrepresented groups to pursue careers in science, making DEI a central aspect of its mission. If you want to participate in the initiative, it's as easy as signing up!

(On) Planet Nine

(On) Planet Nine is an outreach initiative co-founded by professional astronomers Lea Marcotulli, Núria Torres-Albà, Jordan Eagle, Meenakshi Rajagopal and Andrealuna Pizzetti. In this channel, we bring difficult astronomy concepts to an easy-to-understand level, review important historical female figures in astronomy, and interview a diverse range of astronomers!

More from OnPlanetNine on Youtube and in our Website.